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This remix rocks like a bastard great work man!!

E-S-F responds:

Bored + Flstudio5 = FTT(EV!LM!X)

Alien Bastards Alien Bastards

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Funny and Good

This is funny and great sounding MOTHERFUCKER!!!

FlameMesial responds:

Cheers Luke mofo.

Boss Battle Music Boss Battle Music

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I-Will-Defy responds:

No it doesn't. Don't lie. Thanks!!

Hall of the Mountain King 0:37 Hall of the Mountain King 0:37

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Hell yeah!!

This is awesome andy keep up the great work its worked really well. well done!!!!

FlameMesial responds:

Ok cheers Luke you dick-ass!!

Mario Metal!!! Mario Metal!!!

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Fuckin cool

dood this is cool its way better then wen u played it live 2 me!!

FlameMesial responds:

It was fucking hard to play dead-on perfect.

At one point the fucking song was saved on Cubase, then it wouldn't fucking load up!! So I had to do it again!!

Cheers Luke!!